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Membership Fees (2019-20)

New Members: ₹1100

Renewals (2018-19 Members): ₹1000

Terms & Conditions

The Arsenal Mumbai Membership 2019-20

Please read all the details below thoroughly before applying 2019/20 membership.

Benefits to Members:
1] AMSC Membership Kit:

a. Membership Card
b. Welcome letter
c. 3 other AMSC Merchandises (Details will be up post 20th August).
2] Match Tickets through Arsenal Mumbai:

Only Official AMSC Members who register with us will enjoy the right to book Arsenal tickets through Arsenal Mumbai Supporters Club for them and people joining the member for a match. The requests have to be made prior to at least 2.5-3 months (EPL) or within a day or 2 from the fixture announcement (Europa, FA Cup, League Cup).The confirmation/rejection of the tickets solely depends on Arsenal. Once tickets are confirmed, it cannot be cancelled at any cost.
3] Screenings:

Arsenal Mumbai Members will get the benefit of the entry charges Rs. 50/- which will be waived off during the Official AMSC screenings.
4] Turf Footy Meets:

Arsenal Mumbai Members will also get benefits of waiver from Non Membership fee charged @ Rs. 50 during AMSC footy meets held every weekend at Turfs.5] Fantasy Premier League

Top 3 Arsenal Mumbai Supporters Club Members who will be eligible to get Arsenal merchandise at the end of the season in AMSC’s Classic League in Fantasy Premier League on

Terms & Conditions & Rules under AMSC membership:

Membership is open for Gooners & Goonerettes Pan India.

1] Memberships are subject to committee approval and non – transferable under any circumstances.

2] Strictly a Member ‘cannot’ register with 2 Official Supporters Club in the same season as it will lead to conflicts on Arsenal database and will lead to cancellation of memberships. Membership with Official Arsenal FC & 1 supporters Club is allowed but not 2 Supporters Clubs.

3] Once enrolled membership cannot be cancelled or refunded.

4] Membership will be valid from 1st August 2019 – 31st July 2020 (Even if Card is not yet reached as delivery is September & October, you can avail the benefits as a member as soon as you have paid the membership fees).

5] Under-18’s need to submit No Objection Certificate duly signed by their parents / guardians in order to be a member of the club.

6] For Phase 1, Dispatch of membership kits will be 10th September 2019.

7] For Phase 2, Dispatch of membership kits will be done around 10th October 2019.

8] Members should carry their Membership cards compulsorily to avail any kind of benefits, if any, from the Club or its partners.

9] For lost card, write us on Rs. 150/- will be charged for new membership Card and it will be delivered within 10 days after receipt of the payment.

10] AMSC committee holds the right to cancel the memberships without refund, in such conditions that may harm the Club’s reputation, its partners or other members of AMSC. Improper conduct in anyway will invite cancellation of memberships without refund.

11] Once you have paid the membership fees, you can avail the benefits of being an AMSC member even if you have not received the membership package till you receive it.

12] Renewal of membership will start from July 2020. Members applying for renewal next season will receive the benefits as to be decided later by the AMSC committee.Old members who have skipped renewals in previous season will have to apply as new member.

- Arsenal Mumbai Supporters Club Committe